Wine Gift-Basket

Gift Basket


  • Poems (download)
  • Color Cardstock for tags & rolled up roses (how to make roses)
  • Wine Bottle & Glass
  • Wall Letters
  • Basket
  • Matching ribbon

The Bridal Shower gift that I gave to the bride just a couple weeks ago!  I found the idea on … drum roll please ….. Pinterest of course!  It was from a post by and was such a great idea that I couldn’t help but “gift lift” the idea.  I downloaded a PDF file of the little poems of “firsts” that someone … I am begging forgiveness because in the change of my harddrive, I’ve lost the ladies name who put together the PDF file.  So very very sorry.  She was so kind as to set up the file so you could load it and change the font colors, which I did in Photoshop Elements, making them royal blue, and then printed onto white cardstock.  I mounted them on blue cardstock and added some hand made rolled roses from the same cardstock as well as pages from a paperback book.  Then I went shopping for just the right wine bottles to match my poems … Mad Housewife wine for The First Fight, Behemoth wine with a very pregnant elephant for The First Baby, The Lady in White wine for The Wedding Night and you get the idea.  It was great fun finding just the right labels for each poem although I really didn’t pay attention to the type of wine … hopefully they are decent tasting!  Remember … my expertise is crafting – for sure not wine tasting!  After I got my 6 bottles of wine all labeled and ready to go, I found a wicker basket that was perfectly suited to hold them, stuffed it with white paper shreds and two large wine glasses, then added a Wall decal with some fitting words and off we went.  As normal … I was putting it together on the fly as my daughter and I arrived in Tillamook just in time for the shower.

The basket was a hit with everyone and the bride LOVED the idea!!  I will be doing this again with other friends but I think I’m going to change the poems to something of my own.  Something more personal.  If I get a file set up with those new poems, I will be happy to share.  Watch for another basket to come soon as I have a really great wedding coming up in Chicago this summer.  Shhhh….. don’t tell the bride to be
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