Truckin Away on the Wall

TruckingMy husband Ron has been a truck driver since he was old enough to sit in the drivers seat. He lives for trucks, breathes trucking and I tell him that he loves his trucks more than me some times : )  Last year was a difficult year in our family as Ron’s brother passed away in May after a rather short battle with cancer.  For Ron’s birthday, I decided to surprise him and make the walls in our bedroom a dedication to the hay trucking history which he had shared with his brother the past 40 years.  I pulled out files of each of the trucks and hay squeezes that Ron has owned and had 11X14 and 8X12 prints made depending on the quality of the photo.  Thin black frames made the hanging easier but still let the photo be the focus point and then with paper mache letters painted a dark brown, I hung them on the difficult corner wall in our bedroom.  I haven’t finished yet, I hope to have vinyl letters made to say “Ron Taggart” in the same cursive font that was on his truck doors and it will be placed above the photos.  This small gesture meant the world to my husband.  Sharing his love of trucks and putting them up in a place of honor meant more to him than anything I could have bought.

  • Painted the walls brown
  • Printed Ron’s favorite pictures at Costco
    and framed them (frames are from Michaels)
  • I painted big Paper Mache Letters from Joann Fabrics



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