Transferring Picture

Steps on how to Transferring Picture:
5×5 canvas, printed picture B&W, Mod Podge, and foam brush.

1. I printed out a picture of Mickey with my inkjet printer on regular paper (reverse the image, we will be flipping the image). We learned this step the hard-way. Making mistake is part of the fun.

2. I painted the white canvas with blue watercolor paint (you can make your own background). Then I let the paint dry over night (didn’t need to wait that long, but I added couple of layers of paint).

3. Then a thin Layer of Mod Podge to add the Mickey picture facing-down so the ink is facing the canvas.

4. Pressed the Mickey picture to make sure the Mod Podge was distribute throughout the canvas (pushed the bubbles out towards the sides).

5. Then use your hands to remove the paper. Pour a little-bit of water to help the process go quicker. You could also use a toothbrush to remove the paper.

6. Then you can color the canvas in and be creative.


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