Working on Valentines Gifts

Starting on my valentines gift…
I’m creating mini hearts and unicorns piñatas for the little ones. Stuffing them with stickers, toys, pin buttons and more. The heart piñatas have two openings 1) that can be broken in half or 2) the right corner lid opening.

I’ve also been making cupcake toppers:

  1. Lay the paper down on its decorative side, 2″x7”
  2. Fold accordion style:
  3. Glue each end to each other to create a circular fan.
  4. Punch a heart and glue in the center.

Comes from the HEART Party

IMG_8033Recently, we had a small surprise party for a friend, Shulie, in our backyard. We decided on Wednesday night to throw a kosher BBQ party on Monday, due to religious rules.

Theme:  “One love, one heart, let’s get together and feel alright,” is the motto we should all follow. Plus, Shulie really likes Bobby.

Made decorations: We cleaned up the backyard, put up a tent, make/paint a table, and put some of my vintage furniture outside (take a look at Jazzy’s Vintage for more), hung a window on the Maple tree. Then I reused and painted bottles to us as props, flower vases, or aesthetic purposes. I made a stage with cardboard musicians as the backdrop and painted Red Hot Chili Peppers logo all over the stage and ground (her favorite band). I also found time to make paper hamsa (3 different designs) to use as a banner and flower decorations. Oh yeah, and I made 2 heart pinatas to go with the theme.


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More pictures of the party: flickr



Minecraft Party

I found lots of great ideas on pinterest. I decided I would help out with some decorations. And what’s more fun than making a big Creeper and Pig. Easy to make these minecraft character since they are box like 🙂

I also helped create “personalize” invitation and print cutouts favors.