October’s Mini Giveaway

Happy Halloween
, every month I do a mini giveaway for my Instagram followers. This month the giveaway is three mini cat piñata(s) stuffed with an assortment of toys from Oriental Trading. To enter follow www.instagram.com/jazzysdesign




Mini Seahorse Piñata

Our mini seahorse piñata were featured on It’s a Pink Life by Francis from FHJ. Check out her beautiful Layla’s 6th birthday beach party. She has created adorable party decor and partnered with some creative companies (including me).


(pictures from Francis from FHJ). Visit the blog post below:


Happy 1st Birthday Carter

I have seen this little girl grow up so fast…She has a big hearted family that loves her so much and we only want what is best for her. Her Aunt Michele with her kids put together Carter’s first birthday party. And invited us to her home. They had the whole house decorated with pink and purple streamers, butterflies all around, and had a lovely table/high chair decorated.

I wanted to make sure I had a “Turning One” picture so I had Max, Carter’s Uncle & my husband, to help me set up a photoshoot. I made paper banners, and cutout butterflies for the backdrop. And since I wasn’t sure what she would be wearing I quickly made a tutu with butterflies gems and cutout a paper crown for her to wear.

It definitely took everyone to get her to sit-still and look pretty. Thank you for sharing this moment with us. Take a look at at Flickr for more process pictures.

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For more picture visit Flickr.


Working on Valentines Gifts

Starting on my valentines gift…
I’m creating mini hearts and unicorns piñatas for the little ones. Stuffing them with stickers, toys, pin buttons and more. The heart piñatas have two openings 1) that can be broken in half or 2) the right corner lid opening.

I’ve also been making cupcake toppers:

  1. Lay the paper down on its decorative side, 2″x7”
  2. Fold accordion style:
  3. Glue each end to each other to create a circular fan.
  4. Punch a heart and glue in the center.

Back To School wth Everyone


I know I just shared about Evermine, but today we were features on their back to school post and behind the artist. Check them out!!!!

The Artist behind Jazzy’s Creation & Design
Tell us a little bit about yourself.
My name is Marilyn Q. Cisneros. I’m a graphic design artist and my work is influenced by family and friends. I’m newly engaged and very happy with my little family. I have one, little one that keeps me on my toes, Jax, who is a small white Jack Russell pup.

How did Jazzy’s Creation & Design come about?
Jazzy’s Creation & Design started back in 2012 with my friend, Debbie, as a crafting blog to share our Wednesday craft nights. The name Jazzy is based on a beloved Boxer dog, who was full of energy and always excited to greet everyone. As you can see, we are dog-lovers. We started the blog to remind us of the things that we love to do, which is crafting, scrapbooking, and creating memories.

What inspires you?
My inspiration comes from family, friends, and the new trends– I welcome the new challenges.

What is your favorite piñata to make and why?
I’m not sure if I have a favorite piñata. They are all so cute and handmade by me, which makes them one-of-a-kind. I enjoy creating these mini piñatas because they remind me of my childhood. My sisters and I would help my mom create our own birthday piñatas as part of a family tradition.

What are your next steps?
Great question, my next step is to keep enjoying what I love to do.

IMG_3501 IMG_3504 IMG_3507 IMG_3509

(article: https://www.evermine.com/blog/back-to-school-pinata/)