Time Flies… Beach Decor

TIME seems to pass very quickly so much has happened an a year… so bare with me…

“After couple of years, our adventures got more official, Maxwell got down on one knee with the help of Jax, our little white terrier dog, to propose to me during our road trip to Washington Olympic Peninsula.”

I know that I will treasure this moment forever, and I wanted to display the beauty of the beach on the wall. INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO DIY: So I added a hook to this piece of driftwood on top, wrote the date/location/time, and hot glue the pictures and shells I found during my beach walk onto the string. 




Working on Valentines Gifts

Starting on my valentines gift…
I’m creating mini hearts and unicorns piñatas for the little ones. Stuffing them with stickers, toys, pin buttons and more. The heart piñatas have two openings 1) that can be broken in half or 2) the right corner lid opening.

I’ve also been making cupcake toppers:

  1. Lay the paper down on its decorative side, 2″x7”
  2. Fold accordion style:
  3. Glue each end to each other to create a circular fan.
  4. Punch a heart and glue in the center.

Paper Creates Valentine’s

handmadecardWhat a great Valentine’s Day. I’m pretty lucky that Valentines for me comes along almost every day (when time allows). Max & I decided to exchange our gifts at the Oregon Coast with our puppy. I was so surprised with Max’s handmade card. He always goes above & beyond. He used the typewriter, heart buttons, beads, and incorporate my gift on the card by writing ‘Be Mine’ and using the ‘M’ with a beautiful Scrabble Tile Necklace.

I made Bee Mine Vday cards for the kids in my life and tags (with type) for gifts. Very simple paper cut-outs, but time consuming.  Check out the Bee Mine layouts on Jazzy’s Site (download links below).


Happy Love Week

heartblogYesterday, Pam said “Happy Love Week” instead Happy Valentine’s Day which made me wonder why we celebrate Valentine’s Day. According to History.com, “Each year on February 14th, many people exchange cards, candy, gifts or flowers with their special “valentine.” The day of romance we call Valentine’s Day is named for a Christian martyr and dates back to the 5th century, but has origins in the Roman holiday Lupercalia.”

Sweet and short definition that sum it all up. But I enjoy the beautiful tradition of courting someone, having the fluttery feelings (Butterflies in the stomach), or the love flourishing. Here are some of the stuff I made for the week:


Janice’s Wedding Scrapbook

IMG_9902I was invited to a small wedding at the court house in Astoria. A witness, the father to give her away, her sister that lived near her, and me. I wanted to make sure I captured her special moment for her to share with her kids. I took over 300+ pictures and you can only frame so many. So I decided I would make her a scrapbook she could treasure with little gems on every page.

I used many stickers, borders, rub-on, brads, and more:

  • Me&My Big Ideas, Mambi Stickers,
  • Jolee’s Boutique,  Wedding Words,
  • Imaginisce, Rub-ons

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Heart Shape Lighting <3

No surprise living downtown Portland I live in a small studio space. After I got my space back I decided to do a spring-cleaning and rearranging. I needed to recreate my craft-room so I can start crafting again. I only have one window so the space lacks lighting. I decided to take a trip to Ikea. I picked out heart-string-shaped lighting to go around the room and added some Polaroid snaps to go in-between the heart to add the personal touch in my room. I was so happy with the turn-out that I had to share.



Happy Happy Hearts and Love Day!!!

Happy Valentines day to everyone and may your sweeties be extra special to you today!  I sent off a box full of Love this week … hopefully on time I might add.  (That is something new for me! … the one time part)  I know this is another one of those commercial days to get you to buy buy buy, but for me it’s a time to make some fun cards and fill them with love for my friends and family.  So here’s to all those who make my life special and bring me a bucket full of love every day of my life!!  Happy Valentines Day to you!!


Thanks to Tiddly Ink Digital Stamps, Copic Markers, DoodleBug Design Papers and Stampendous Embossing Enamel!


Happy Mother’s Day Card

Mother's Day CardHappy Mother’s Day to all Mothers!
Throughout my life I have met wonderful people and most of them are mothers. They all have a great impact on my life. I do believe that you meet people for a reason and these women have shaped me into who I am today. All my strengths are handed-down to me by extraordinary women in my life.

My mom taught me to never give up and go after what I want. My creativity came from an ex-boyfriend mother who is now my friend.  My supervisors saw the best in me and showed me new life skills. My list goes on and on, but I’m honored to have met these incredible mothers. Everyday I see outstanding mothers work really hard, or speak up for their kids.

Craft NightAnyways.. before I go on and on about Mothers.. On craft night, we made mother’s day card for our love ones.  We made several paper flowers and combined them to shape a heart in the middle of the card stock. I added some string, glitter/pearls, and painted the card to make it stick out. My favorite part of making Painting the Roses card is painting the roses white since the flowers were red, like Alice-n-Wonderland:

The Queen she likes ’em red
If she saw white instead
She’d raise a fuss
And each of us
Would quickly lose his head..
(Love the saying, I want the perfect card or else MY mom would raise a fuss and I’ll hear her thoughts all night long)