Tea Party Surprise

Everyone thought they were attending my 30th birthday party. But I had a lovely surprise for my guest. This was a fun way to announce the new addition to our little family. So towards the end my husband was in charge of the recording so ignore his excitement. The game was a circular scratch-its underneath each tea cup. Each tea cup had one letter with a matching color so when guest got together with the same color they could make up the word/phrase (“we” “are” “having” “a” “baby”).
Thank you family and friends!
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Happy 1st Birthday Carter

I have seen this little girl grow up so fast…She has a big hearted family that loves her so much and we only want what is best for her. Her Aunt Michele with her kids put together Carter’s first birthday party. And invited us to her home. They had the whole house decorated with pink and purple streamers, butterflies all around, and had a lovely table/high chair decorated.

I wanted to make sure I had a “Turning One” picture so I had Max, Carter’s Uncle & my husband, to help me set up a photoshoot. I made paper banners, and cutout butterflies for the backdrop. And since I wasn’t sure what she would be wearing I quickly made a tutu with butterflies gems and cutout a paper crown for her to wear.

It definitely took everyone to get her to sit-still and look pretty. Thank you for sharing this moment with us. Take a look at at Flickr for more process pictures.

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For more picture visit Flickr.


Working on Valentines Gifts

Starting on my valentines gift…
I’m creating mini hearts and unicorns piñatas for the little ones. Stuffing them with stickers, toys, pin buttons and more. The heart piñatas have two openings 1) that can be broken in half or 2) the right corner lid opening.

I’ve also been making cupcake toppers:

  1. Lay the paper down on its decorative side, 2″x7”
  2. Fold accordion style:
  3. Glue each end to each other to create a circular fan.
  4. Punch a heart and glue in the center.

Happy Holidays

img_4079Every year we travel to see family and do the long drive to see everyone. We had a great time playing games at Ben’s (Yakima, WA), doing raffles at my moms’ (Othello, WA), secret santa at my partner’s moms’ (Stevenson, WA), and see the kids open their presents (Vancouver, WA).

This year I did lot of handmade projects for family and friends: stockings stuffer, baggies, screen print pillows, and more.  I also did lot of photo project to create a more personal gift: blanket, mugs, and magnets.


Happy 30th Birthday Ben

img_0501This Friday we threw Ben a birthday party before he headed off to Disney World with his girlfriend. I was so busy that I forgot to take pictures of the process.

AND I had couple of bumps along the way… As you can see (picture on the left) the cake was made for a 3rd and not 30th bday party. Things happen and you just have to make it work. Happy 30th Birthday, Ben. I hope you had fun and thank you, everyone who attended.
How Party Decorations were made (pictures below of decorations):
–> I made couple of banners with recycled calendars. Cut the calendar in a triangle shape and punch two whole on the top edges to hang.
–> Added ears on the black paper plates. Two black circles and hot glue on each side. 
–> Made “30” paper cutouts to hang around the gazebo with my cutter.
–> Made a cake topper for Ben with my cutter.
–> Made decorative jars. I used a jar, black paper cutout to go inside, and glow stick.


Birthday Overload of Cutenss

img_7925I am so happy to be able to be part of the customers’ special day. I do enjoy making these mini pinatas (and other party supplies) and love to hear their stories. When I don’t know the story I like to imagine what they are for… and what kind of party or type of person. I had someone order two pink whales and my mind thought “oooh twin’s party or baby shower.”  Love Love it!

I remember making these with my mom when I was younger. I remember putting my tiny hands in her home-made glue in this cooking pot and slapping it on the balloon. I never thought of the process until now. I can see why she did the things she did. Home-made glue is lot easier than Elmer glue (which is what I use). I cherish these making pinata memories and happy to be able to share one of my families traditions.

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Happy 29th Birthday Surprise Gift!


(In my car: tying pic to balloons)

It’s pretty hard to throw a surprise gift to your partner, who lives with you. Surprisingly it worked out. I picked up balloons the day before and left them in my trunk (tinted windows) and I added the Instagram pictures in my car.

I printed out a sheet of Instagram photos by taking a screenshot from Instagram so I can have all the comments that were posted on them. I also added a personal message of the memory on the right bottom side of the photo. You can add this message on the [comment] in Instagram or handwritten in front or back of the picture. Then I punched a hole in the corner which made it easier to attach the balloons in the car.

Left them over night in the trunk of the car. I had to make excuses to get out of bed, “using the restroom,” “need water” & “letting the dog out.” Even though Jax, the dog, wasn’t moving nor making a sound, I picked her up to let her out so I can grab the balloons at 2 in the morning. Back inside, I had left sticky notes & paper in my night retainer-case to make it easy for me. It was 6am, oh no!, I fell asleep, I stuck notes around the house, hung banners, left birthday cards around, etc. Max only asked for a birthday card for his birthday. So I made one, You are my Stud Muffin:

But I also had other cards around. Simple handwritten cards, printed cards, and handwritten banners. The banners were really easy to make (cardstock, sharpie, and string). I folded the paper in half, vertical way, and cut 5 strips. To get the banner shape: you cut a triangle shape from the bottom>> not the folded side.  I used a sharpie to draw the letters and dots. Then I unfold the paper, one hot glue dot inside per strip, and add the string.  Jax & I wrapped birthday gift boxes in our roommates room so Max wouldn’t notice.

Then the plan was set to go. Max was up at 6:30am, but I had no energy to get up since I’ve been up trying to sneak around. He was so pleased he came back shortly trying to paste & pull apart my late night adventure. Happy Birthday Max!

After we opened gifts, Jax layed-out birthday notes for Max. In this video you will see Jax setting up the notes then we waited for Max. Max tries to give the note to Jax, but she pushes the note back to him with her nose. CUTENESS!


A Dog Pawty (Jax’s 1st Bday)

DSC_0424It starts with a great idea and a loving mother who has lots of time to throw her little princess her 1st (Puppy Jax’s, JackRusell & Westie) birthday pawty.

1) Pick a theme. We (Jax and I) decided we would share all of her favorite things. Balls, and stuff animals, toys, plus her favorite color, red.
2) Pick a date. Sunday would work best for all of our furry and human friends. And a small brunch in the backyard would be perfect (at our house) with all of her friends.
Design Invitations: I designed Jax’s invitations and mailed them out as soon as possible to family and friends. I used Jax as my model for her invitation. I also layered her face in the invitation for color and 3d effect. For the envelop I used a rubber stamp from Rubber Hedgehog (Westie dog) and paw print from Judith Stamps. We personalized each invitation with our furry friends name and made sure to invite their human parents too.

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3) Decorations. Buying decoration can be expensive so I made everything myself. I start off with making a list for myself to keep me on track.
-Making a “ONE” Pinata: Click on the link to learn how to make a pinata. I used a pull down effect (like the baby shower) so Jax could pull on the string and have the treats fall down. She was so adorable that Kia (her Boxer Furry Friend) tried to help her out.
-Jax’s Paper Banner: I wanted to create something different so I cutout her letters J-A-X and cut out bone-shapes instead of triangles.
-Doggy Party Hats: I made different sizes of party hats for different sizes of doggies. Small hats for small dogs. And big hats for big dogs. *Gather cardstock paper, stapler, scissors, and string. I used Judith paw stamp and white paint to make the party hats look like dots. Make a big circle in your cardstock paper and form a cone shape by overlapping the two corners then staple.*
-Balloons. I used three white balloons, made a face using a sharpie pen, and tape the side of the balloon with cutout paper doggy ears.

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4) Plan what to eat.
To make this easy on me, I picked up groceries for her human friends and furry friends.  I had to get two cakes. I called couple of Portland dog stores and not many places had gluten free cakes. I finally got frustrated and decided to bake the cake myself until Christina, a family friend, offered to make the cake for Jax. Printed out a receipt and off we went to order a human cake (Jax’s loved her Gluten-Free bacon birthday cake).

We also had these great Cake Toppers from Brittany Hampton Design, also a great family friend. The adorable custom cake topper definitely represented Jax’s special day. It’s an excellent idea to express the creativity of the event. I’m not sure how many dogs can blow out a candle, but Jax’s doesn’t know that trick yet (hehe…which daddy helped), but a cake topper is a great way to decorate your cake.

-Table Decorations: I start with laying the table clothes to add color. Price $3.00.
Doggy lollipops: Cover the lollipop with tissue paper and make paper ears to hot glue on the side. Make them look like doggies. Price $3.00 for 5 lollipops.
-Make paper hearts and paper paws cutout to label the human and dog food. Hearts for humans and paw prints for doggies. Home Supplies.
-Plants: Got 2 red mugs (from the Dollar Store) and planted grass from my backyard. Price $2.00.
Put Doggy Treats in containers with paw prints that I got from the Dollar Store. Price $2.00 plus treats.
-Use Jars to put bones and nutrition bars. Cookie Jars that I already had.
(As you can see I got most of my supplies from the Dollar Store and just added my artsy touch. Most of the cost comes from the food, but other than that this is very do-able).

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5) Party Favors to say Goodbye. I reused the small brown paper bags from the grocery store and used a stencil of a paw print that I made. Painted it red and stamped Philadelphia foam stamps from Making Memories. This is what went in the baggies:
-Ordered Balls
-Bought Doggy treats
-Doggy poop bags
-Stuff-animals for “Adopt a Pet 4 Your Pet” basket.

6) Party Dress. I made Jax’s birthday outfit. We wanted to make sure she looked her best. A simple tutu with a white sweater. I’m not sure why I decide on white when it rains in Oregon, but I wanted her to pop from the red decorations.  *I cut the tulle fabric into strips and hot glue the strips inside the elastic band. For Jax, I cut the inside strips shorter so she can move.*  We got up early to bathe and do her hair with some old-school rollers. 

We are lucky to have amazing human friends that came early to help decorate and make food. Jax got many wonderful gifts that will keep her busy for days. Thank you family and friends!

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Surprise Farm Party

Oh! What a surprise. My twin sister, Mauryn, thought about throwing Cliff a surprise party.  Of course, we all love the idea to throw the party for a great friend, but no one wants to do the work. Mostly to someone who has tons of friends from all over the world and how would we get a hold of them.  Mauryn had the bright idea at Pickathon to asked Darka & Mari for advice. We got “ask the farm,” “not that day,” “live music,” “we will play,” etc. Mauryn and I had to change the date & location couple of times, which got confusing for our guests. Then I told Mauryn, “WE CAN’T PLEASE EVERYONE.” I invite 228 Facebook friends twice because we didn’t know how else to get of hold of his friends. I felt bad sending out multiple FB message to people I didn’t know, but I did make evites which made the process easier.

I had my helper, Max, help me make a stage for “live music.” I chalked a chalkboard that read “stage.” Used recycled jars for lights. I drilled wholes on the jar lids and added Ikea lights (for $3 set of 2). Painted a window. Painted a chalkboard for guest messages. Made road signs. We hung lights up and cleaned up the yard. And while my helper made pies in the kitchen and I covered lollipops with yellow tissue to create little chicks.

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The Farm Friends theme was created because our first location was going to be at the farm. But since the location changed I decided to create cardboard farm friends so we can carry out the theme. Max decided to contribute with the crafting by buying a cardboard cow (very noticeable! Rear view of a cow).

Cliff was SURPRISED so it was all worth it. We had 13 (may or maybe come with their +1) people RSVP on Facebook and that’s what I planned for. Great turnout. Happy Birthday, dear friend and Jazzy’s Creation follower. I appreciate all you do for me, my sisters, and friends. AND a big thank you to everyone who made time to stop by.

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Super HERO Party

Center PieceMy friend asked me to assist her with decorating for a barmitzvah for 200 people.

I decided I would use these jars that Debbie had painted in bright superhero colors (yellow, green, red and blue) for the center piece of the table. Then I added a glow stick with paper confetti for the day & night look. Glue decorative straws to the felt fabric mask to hold the mask up. Then I blew up some balloons, tie ribbon to these long skinny sticks so it would stand for two whole days. Oh yeah, and then the superhero card which could be replace with a picture.

I got all my materials at Micheal’s Craft Store for $80. I thought that was reasonable for a big space that hold 200 people. I’m sorry, I don’t have an overall picture of the space or how everything turned out. I was running around putting everything together. Maybe next time.

I got all these great ideas from pinterest. Of course, I changed them a little to make them my own 😉