Happy 1st Birthday Carter

I have seen this little girl grow up so fast…She has a big hearted family that loves her so much and we only want what is best for her. Her Aunt Michele with her kids put together Carter’s first birthday party. And invited us to her home. They had the whole house decorated with pink and purple streamers, butterflies all around, and had a lovely table/high chair decorated.

I wanted to make sure I had a “Turning One” picture so I had Max, Carter’s Uncle & my husband, to help me set up a photoshoot. I made paper banners, and cutout butterflies for the backdrop. And since I wasn’t sure what she would be wearing I quickly made a tutu with butterflies gems and cutout a paper crown for her to wear.

It definitely took everyone to get her to sit-still and look pretty. Thank you for sharing this moment with us. Take a look at at Flickr for more process pictures.

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For more picture visit Flickr.


Miss Little Carter (Baby Shower)

DSC_0387I was asked to help decorate the room for Natalie’s baby shower. I had a hard time to decorate when I didn’t know much of the details.
I had to be reminded that I’m a guest and NOT the event planner. I didn’t do a lot but added couple of my touches. Grandma went to get purple, yellow, and turquoise party decorations. AND I was under the impression that it was a PINK party since the invitations were pink & gray with elephants. 

>>>>> I created couple of frames and work stations for the guest.  A Guest Book with paper balloons and paper elephant cutouts. >>>>> You must have at any baby shower a: “Any Advice for the soon to be Mommy & Daddy” frame. These are great gifts for the soon to be parents to take home after. Everyone had great advice to give them and were not shy to share. >>>>> I also framed her baby ultrasound photos for her.

DSC_0452  DSC_0401 DSC_0426  DSC_0362
I made couple of Diaper Gifts for Natalie: I used Sweetaprils.com tutorial to make the diaper bike. And I used the roll up diapers to make little wrapped up little babies diapers. I used socks to wrap the roll up diapers. The diaper cake was a misunderstanding. We all thought that grandma was going to make one, but she didn’t have the time. Luckily, I had extra materials with me to make a quick diaper cake. Then added the cake topper.

DSC_0386 DSC_0455 DSC_0448

Other little stuff I made for the party:
I also made “Oh Baby” Banner, Paper Cake Topper, Chalk Art board, paper building box, tissue paper decoration, and some straws in a cup decorations.

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Baby Elephant Reveal Party

First, I mailed out the invites asap. Took me a little while to design and cutout 15 invites for family and friends, but worth it. I think they turned out great.

A little gathering of family & friends for a gender reveal party. We started the party with picking blue or pink cutouts bows and pinning them on our shirts. We also kept count by keeping track on the chalkboard. Read old wives tales and giggle about how silly their predictions are. After we ate a delicious meal from Grandma-to-be, we played bingo with baby words. I ended up making 12 bingo cards with over 40 words.  I believe everyone enjoyed the game since we played couple of times.

The big reveal. I made a heart shape piñata with a- pull on the cord opening. The weather wasn’t on our side so we did everything inside. As she pulled the ribbon the pink balloons & confetti fell on N+N. She was such a great trooper even when she pulled too hard that the piñata fell.


I had fun decorating the dessert table. Details & Pictures below:
1) Burlap “Baby” Banners with white paint.
2) Pink and Blue Paper Cutout of Baby Clothes Banner.
3) Mini Piñatas: Blue Elephant, Turquoise Donkey, & Pink Heart with decorative straws.
4) Large Size of White Heart Shape Piñata and a Turquoise Elephant Piñata.
5) Paper Cake Topper & Blue, Pink, Turquoise cutout butterflies.
6) Pink Glitter & Blue Crowns Lollipops.
7) Polaroid pictures, Picture Frame, and strips as giveaways.
8) and Fabric Background.


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filmstripI also ended up taking N+N pregnancy pictures and made them into Polaroid format (click on Polaroid to see how I did the layout) so everyone can take a picture home. Then I found this great idea on pinterest or something similar. I used an old picture frame that I had stored away and used ribbon instead of wire. Overall- the event turned out great. My pictures not so well, but I tried to do it all with or without the weather on my side.