Submarine Piñatas

marine.boatMy sister, Mauryn needed a gift for a friend who can buy anything he wants, but a homemade gift is something you can’t go to the store and buy… so she asked me to help her create something. We thought a Piñata would be a fast and thoughtful idea.  -Marilyn


  • We made glue by using flour and water. Start out with two cups of flour or more and and a little bit of water at a time in a blender. Heat up the mixture until you get a watery and thick mixture. Let it set, but since Mauryn was in a hurry, I put in the freezer to thicken. 
  • Box layout (picture below); shoe boxes work to construct your skeleton
  • Newspapers; cut in squares (paper mache)
  • Normal line paper; made in strips to write messages and stuff inside the piñata. You can also add candy, hearts, or small memorabilia.

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