Window Frames

Several years ago I started gathering up old window frames from garage sales, a house remodel and most recently a local business who sells everything under the sun to restore old homes.  With thousands of photos in my files, the windows were an excellent way to share many photos at once.  Because they are so heavy, Ron and I decided to hang them from the ceiling instead of on the wall. It worked incredibly well with the wall color showing thru the open windows as well as bringing your eye up more since everything else in our house seems to be on the lower half of the wall. My windows are pretty simple but that’s how I like it and they suit the rest of our house well. This one is a tribute to my husband and I with a baby photo for each of us, a photo with our treasured boxers who have both passed on, and one in front of the Disneyland Castle where Ron proposed to me.  All special times in our lives.  -Debbie


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