Scrapbooking with Debbie

What do you do with all your holidays cards? Paper Souvenirs? …
you know the stuff you can’t throw out from your trip.

Truck Digital Scrapbook
My husband, Ron, drives truck, has driven trucks all his life.  I tell him that he loves trucks more than me because he eats, sleeps, breathes trucks but he always finds a way to show me that I am still just a tiny notch above his beloved trucks.  Every year the Northwest Antique Truck Museum in Brooks, Oregon hosts an Antique and Working Truck Show so Ron and his friends take their trucks out for the day to brag a little, look a lot and talk never ending trucks for the day.  I love to go along and take photos for him.  It started with just full body shots of the trucks and trailers but in the past few years I’ve been come enthralled with hood ornaments, grills, old rusty parts and pieces. After each show I put together a book for Ron’s collection to show off the year’s highlights.  This is a sample of a plain photo book showcasing the trucks.


Disney Book
We LOVE Disneyland!   I always tell everyone that if Ron could live in the park he would.  We try to make a trip every other year although it’s been much longer at this time.  We normally take lots of people with us so that they can enjoy the California visit along with us and this visit was especially fun.  Besides our son, Zane going with us for the first time as an adult, Marilyn joined us, my mom, and on their very first visit … Ron’s great niece Jesseca, and my nephew Brenten!  It was a great week of Disneyland, Sea World,  and Universal Studios.  To make the week all the better … my sister and her family were at Disneyland that same week so we were able to spend a couple days with them! A full family affair.  I make sure to save all the tickets, maps, fliers and paper souvenirs we collect along the course of our vacations and then when we are home, I scan them and add them right into the story of our vacation.  Here is my very first digital book with lots of elements included.  Don’t look too close or you will see all my mistakes!

Papers by Hot Off the Press and Bazzill.  Disney elements by Hot Off the Press, Jolies, Joannes Fabrics.

2008 Year Scrapbook
I am the first to say that my life is absolutely full of joy, friends and happiness.  I LOVE the cards, notes and personal items that I collect thru the year.  That’s why I always have a huge box of things to scan sitting beside my computer.  I want to include them in my photo books so I scan them as they come in and then put them in the digital file with the photos from that event until the time that I finally get to work on my book for that year.  The pages below are an example of pages I’ve created just to show off birthday, anniversary and holiday cards along with letters & photos received thru the year.  This way I don’t have boxes and boxes of memories … I have books and books of them that can be picked up at any time and read or just looked at.


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