Digital Scrapbooking

Our graphic style is portrayed in our projects. Mostly me: simple, aligned, and lots of use of typography. Debbie and I both use digital scrapbooking, because it’s easier when traveling, but we also do the traditional scrapbooking. You can check out our other books at

New York Cover, I use Shutterfly to create my own layout and pages. They make it so easy to work with. But just like other programs you have to pay for extra pages, background, and other embellishment. But it’s workable.
My walk through Central Park.
I used many pictures because there were lots of great detail in Time Square (taxi, building, lights).
I love this layout. Using the typography to move your eye around the page.

I love traveling and if I could afford it I would travel the world and scrapbook it to treasure the memory. My first trip alone was Alaska, Fairbanks when I was a Junior in H.S. (that was years ago). So I went out their again and saw my dorm, UAF, museum.. awh, beautiful memories.

I enjoy going to concerts mostly with my bestie! I like to scrapbook my experience and concerts are a big part of my life. I also love the 90s so most of the concerts I go to are bands that I listened to when I was young, I mean younger.

I used a big star to cover some of the pictures, but enough to show what the
book is about.
I used photo-strips for the extra pictures. You know that we all take more than one picture of the same subject so this is a good way to solve that problem.
Too many pictures.

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