Halloween Costume

Make Your Own Halloween Costumes

Costumes are the best part of Halloween for me, and it’s much easier to make my own instead of running around store to store to find that perfect costume. Do you have any idea of what your Halloween costume will be?

Queen of Hearts M&Ms Potatos' Head

Every year I make a new costume for our Halloween Party at my work. I begin planning at least a month prior to the event as it normally takes quite a bit of time to get everything put together. This year I knew I wanted a tutu costume so after lots of time spent on Pinterest and some internet research, I found my idea. I was the Queen of Hearts with a twist. The costume was so fun to wear with my heart shaped wig, makeup, fluffy tutu and head turning collar … On the back of my collar are dozens of Heart playing cards by the way.

Last year I made 3 Potato Head costumes for myself and two co-workers. A witch, Frankenpotato and Dracula made quite a hit with the hundreds of kids & parents we host at our Nursing Facility! Three weeks of hot glue guns, sewing, stuffing, cussing and making my husband, Ron try on potatoes over and over and they turned out great. I can’t wait to start planning my next costume!



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