Christmas Time

Christmas Time

Debbie and I have been working on Christmas projects since November and we have been so busy with work, life, and family events that we finally finished some ideas that we can share. Enjoy!

There are many ideas on creating gifts by using Jars.
There are many ideas on creating gifts by using Jars.

Christmas Jars make perfect gifts. Easy to make, fun to create, and everyone loves them. You can make many things with difference size jars. We made snow-globes, soap-scrubs, and other goodies.

I used small jars to share sweets.

Christmas is my favorite holiday. One of my most favorite holiday traditions is a calendar and I have created one for my family. I made mini cards with a nice written note that would describe our activity for the day. Some notes would have numbers that would take you to a
christmas gift.

Christmas Decoration: using candy-cane hearts hung around the house, and ribbons all around.  I did as much as I can, but since we ended up going to Italy for the first two weeks of December –there was no Christmas Tree. But we decided to get Norfolk Island Pine. So I win-win. I get a Christmas look alike for all year around.



Debbie also created these for her co-workers. They turned out very cute. It can be a Christmas glove ornament. The glove was made with a little fabric, some ribbon, and a bell decoration. The gloves make a great Christmas stocking idea, add some candy, some stocking stuffers, and they make a great gift for everyone.



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