Pirates vs. Zombie Birthday

Pirates vs. Zombie, invitations were made of pirates boats.

Miles Birthday Party
Miles is a very smart and imaginative little boy. Miles is just like other 8 year old boys, who think about Pirates, Ninjas, Zombie and other Mad Scientists creatures.  So I thought Pirates vs. Zombie theme would be perfect for this birthday party.

What to create?
The chocolate cupcakes fit the dark color theme. And using big-toys to decorate the cupcakes. I used brains, zombie fingers & hands, and Pirates boats.

Pirates vs. Zombie theme.

Zombies. We created zombies out of construction paper and connected the body parts with eyelets. We sharpied the Zombie’s face to look scary so be creative.

Party hats were also hand-made with construction paper, stapling together in the back, and painting white pirate skulls on the front of the pirate hat.



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