Baby Showers

The Happy To Be Parents with their families.

The Happy To Be Parents with their families.

Haseena & Sunil’s Baby Shower

My dear friends, Haseena & Sunil, are expecting … ON MY BIRTHDAY! I couldn’t be more excited for the arrival of this baby girl who is going to be incredibly spoiled by six Massi’s (Aunties) who just happen to adore her mom. Haseena lives in Dubai which makes our visits few and far between. She and Sunil were in L.A. for the holidays with their parents so my husband, Ron and I surprised her with an unexpected visit over New Year’s weekend! That was only the first surprise … the second was an absolutely incredible Surprise Baby Shower at The Castaways in Burbank, California.

We learned that this little baby is a girl just a few days before we flew to L.A. so in 4 days I very quickly made 7 sets of Momma and baby elephants for table center pieces, decorated clothes pins and a set of one to twelve month onesies for both gift and decoration. The shower was an amazing success and my little elephants were the hit of the party! I’m in the process of making many more as all the ladies loved them and Haseena didn’t even get a full set for baby 🙂


3 thoughts on “Baby Showers

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  2. Aw, this was the BEST surprise ever! I loooved all the decorations and can’t wait to decorate my baby girls nursery with these little elephants! Debbie is so super creative and thoughtful, she always amazes me! Xoxo

    • Ahhh .. thanks Seena! I can’t wait to SEE that decorated room either! I miss my crafting buddy sooooo much … keep on creating while you’re so far away and when you come back to the states we will all teach that little girl how to be creative too!!!

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