“Lot of my crafts are usually from recycled materials or easily found objects. I enjoy making paper-cutouts, screen-printing, pinatas, and holiday projects.”

Click on the image for DIY Crafts Projects:
pinata   Mini Pinata  IMG_9725  IMG_1832  Glue paper, ribbon, and done

screen  Jax's tshirt  do  tshirt_waves


Family Stocking  Calendar Event: On the 18th day we can unwrap the snowman.  Studio Space  IMG_0166  holiday


recy      IMG_1676   IMG_7290    IMG_8572      Print

scissors     IMG_8661    IMG_1800    Turning 28 IMG_3231   IMG_5447  The Haunted House    Frame Wire Bunny


create  Leo got a Finn doll.  DSC_0015  Family Who's Who Game  kids

All copyrights are reserved by Marilyn & Debbie’s Jazzys Creation


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