Happy Holidays

img_4079Every year we travel to see family and do the long drive to see everyone. We had a great time playing games at Ben’s (Yakima, WA), doing raffles at my moms’ (Othello, WA), secret santa at my partner’s moms’ (Stevenson, WA), and see the kids open their presents (Vancouver, WA).

This year I did lot of handmade projects for family and friends: stockings stuffer, baggies, screen print pillows, and more.  I also did lot of photo project to create a more personal gift: blanket, mugs, and magnets.


Let’s Make Beer

MSectionax has been wanting to make beer, but we haven’t had the time since we moved. Since Max been away at work I figured I would do something nice and store his beer equipment inside the house. I changed the dining room.

Before, this was a plain wall and now it’s a functional wall. I added an metal ikea vertical shelf, black horizontal bookcase, sliding wooden cutter /table counter, cut & sized black chalkboard, nailed several (nine) hooks, and added a magnetic strip. I painted “Approved” on top, and arrows on the wooden tablets. I painted and recycled: beer, cans, and wine bottles. I know it’s a simple wall, but it took me all day with the thought of him in mind. I hope he likes it.

   Chalkboard Print

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Nautical Room Part II

IMG_8307Making Curtain! I thought this DIY project would be easy and fast. Nope, I was wrong I went with a complicated hem– a loop hem curtain. I found this great fabric, Oceanic Indigo, but it’s a little over my budget so I ended-up with a similar fabric in JoAnn Fabric & Craft Store. I did have two Santa’s Little Helpers help me with the sewing, thanks guys 🙂

Instead of me trying to explain how we did it. I would just look it up.


Nautical Office Room

Geez, We’ve been so busy with work, projects, and just life it’s self that we’ve been trying to stay on top of blogging (obviously, not as successful as we would like). Debbie and I are starting to meet up again to craft and create DIY projects. We have a baby-shower, weddings, birthdays and other family events to share. OH! and the holidays are around the corner. I know it’s too soon to be talking about Christmas, but Crafters you know that it sneaks-up behind you.

So I’ve been painting, scrapping paper off the walls, plastering.. etc. at our new place that I have forgotten to share. I’ve had lots of help but I got one room (almost) done and I’m at the designing part of it, FUN! Gpa and I made 2 custom frames to fit Max’s charts. I will have to post a video on how Gpa made the frames instead of me trying to explain all the steps. I will post the video when I get the edits done. 🙂