Baby, It’s Cold Outside

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My dearest friend for over 10 years, who has been an inspirational role model, an amazing mother figure, and thee best of friends you can have, hosted one of my 3 baby showers

Q: Why 3 Baby Showers?
A: My husband’s mother hosted a nautical theme at her house which was further out for my Portland friends, then I got an Office Baby Shower which had a bee theme, and then this one..

Baby, It’s Cold Outside fits my “polar theme nursery room” so I was able to reuse lots of the handmade decorations Debbie made.  Oh and what a beautiful baby shower! The food and decorations were priceless. We had it all, from a hot chocolate bar station to an Igloo background for pictures. Take a look below of a some of the pictures (for more pictures visit flickr.com).

Debbie handmade it all:
 To explain all her DIY project would take too many pages to write down, but take a look at the pictures on flickr and stay tune as we will post some DIY videos and articles of these projects soon.

Project Consist of:
Penguin & Bear Invitation
Igloo Photo Backdrop
Christmas Felt Ornament Favors
Felt Stuffed animal center pieces for the baby
Penguin Paper Cupcake Toppers
Hot Chocolate Bar Jars
Baby Burp Cloths/Diapers
Sign In Baby Book
Baby Fabric Banners and more.

We also had Kashrootz cater the baby shower. The food looked amazing and of course very delicious. 

Letters And Dust chalk art helped put the room together: She made a welcome chalk board, 7 chalk board centerpieces, a food menu board, photo booth, and even free-style the background dessert lettering. Visit Letters & Dust website to attend classes on how to make these amazing chalk boards. 

All of these 3 artist deserve their own blog post. I got over 200 great pictures of the event that it’s worth taking a look—> here. For more information leave me a comment or just wait for the individual blog post and for pictures visit flickr.com).

Thank you family & friends who attended the baby shower and helped with the setting up/cleaning up. I know that our little one is very loved and we appreciate everything you have done to make us feel very special. 


Baby Shower Nautical Themes & Ideas

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DIAPER CAKE: One of my favorite baby shower gift/decoration is the diaper creations. I made three pieces: Diaper Cake, Diaper Tug Boat and Diaper Wheel with just ribbon, cardboard and diapers– these lovely gifts are fun to make.

ONESIES BANNER: I also created a banner of onesies by designing 5 simple nautical clipart, then ironing them on, and slowly peeling them off.
-You can find vinyl sticker at Amazon.com
-Use your cutter (on low settings) to cut out the vinyl layout/design
-As instructed on the vinyl sticker iron, cool, and peel

FLOWER DECOR: For the flower signs I got this set of 6 sea creatures made out of wood from Oriental Trading and hot glue long sticks on the bottom to create the signs. I was able to paint them to the color of the theme and write baby words on them with chalk pencil.

GIFT BAG FAVORS:  As thank you gifts for all of the Aunties (lovely ladies who assisted with the baby shower planning) I got Anchor Bag Favors from Oriental Trading. To personalize them and make them a little more special I screen-printed “Auntie, you are the best” in red paint to pop. I added some tissue paper, sanitizer, soap, chocolate, Starbucks drink and more to go with my tag that read, “Bring me smile when I am sad,
Bring me sunshine when I am old, Give me kisses to warm my heart, Keep me safe from monsters underneath my bed, I am very thankful to have you in my life.”

For GUEST BOOK, Great Grandpa Ron was able to cutout a Wooden Anchor which will look amazing in nursery room.

Grandma Janny made a BOAT CAKE that fit perfectly with the theme. She added some post (sticks) with white paper signs as flags. She also made:
-crab Sandwichs
-rock/seashell candy
-mint lifesavers

Custom CAKE TOPPER was designed and hand painted by Letter’s and Dust (who happens to be one of my closest friends!). Thanks!

Baby Shower Games
Here are the games we played. The PDFs will be available in the next e-newsletter (so don’t forget to sign up).
-Name the Baby Animal
-Guess How Many Fishes? (in the jar)
-Guess the Size of Mommy’s Tummy?
-Guess who said what, Mommy or Daddy?
-What’s in your Purse?

Amazing Prizes
Doesn’t hurt to have amazing gifts. Aunt Sherry who is the owner of The Blue Puffin, hand makes these glass beads jewelry and for the Baby Shower she made eight colorful bracelets with nautical charms. And what a special prize! Some of the shells & glass came from Portugal, others were from antique blue canning jars plus her design touches on the beads made them unique. They were absolutely beautiful and definitely one of a kind jewelry.

Daddy’s Gift
I know it’s not traditional to have the father attend, but I wanted my husband to feel included so I did create a gift  for first time daddies. With so many great ideas on Pinterest I was able to personalized the baby tool belt for my husband (it’s like a diaper bag but for men). My husband is a handyman and very manly (which I admire) so I added blue buttons, harness clips, with “race track” pattern and jean fabric.

Other Beach Decorations
-Hand Painted Rocks
-Painted Wall for backdrop
-Hanging Seashell and more

For more pictures FLICKR
visit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/35812116@N04/albums/72157665849564009


Jax’s 3rd Birthday Pawty

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Today, we celebrated Jax’s 3rd birthday pawty. I can’t believe its been 3 years already. I got up early this morning to bake Jax a Peanut Butter Birthday Cake with bacon sprinkles and cheese frosting. And with the same cake batter I had enough for peanut butter cookies.

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. 
-1 cup of white wheat flour
-1 tsp of baking soda
-1/4 cup of peanut butter
-1/4 cup of vegetable oil
-1 egg
Take out in 25-30 minutes

Once, I finished frosting the cake I made a cake topper, some birthday party hats, and paper fans to decorate the table.

For more photos and videos visit: https://www.jazzyscreation.com/blog


[FALL]ing in Love Wedding

Here are couple of ideas on how to save money when you do it yourself:

Coloring Program: For J+D’s Wedding we decided that the wedding program would serve as the coloring book for kids. So making the clipart as line art and using black and white–> the kiddos can color the program. Plus it’s very informative for the adults.

Sparkler & Little flags: Do-it-yourself and print on cardstock paper to create simple decorative paper goods.  Cut to the shape you like and with a hole-punch make inserts for the sparklers or sticks (for flags).

Chalk Signs: Make your own chalk signs to save on signage plus it help direct your guest to activities.

Spray-Painted Signs: with cutout stencils and spray paint–> you can make these lovely table numbers. Place the cutout number on top of the small canvas (available at Michael’s Craft Store) and spray paint right to left (be more heavy on the left side by leaving the spray-paint longer in that area).

For more pictures of setting up this beautiful fall theme wedding:
visit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/35812116@N04/sets/72157687711529070

Tea Party Surprise

Everyone thought they were attending my 30th birthday party. But I had a lovely surprise for my guest. This was a fun way to announce the new addition to our little family. So towards the end my husband was in charge of the recording so ignore his excitement. The game was a circular scratch-its underneath each tea cup. Each tea cup had one letter with a matching color so when guest got together with the same color they could make up the word/phrase (“we” “are” “having” “a” “baby”).
Thank you family and friends!
For signage visit @lettersanddust, for the delicious cake visit @justadashcake
For more visit my social media pages:
*Background music is from http://www.orangefreesounds.com

Mini Seahorse Piñata

Our mini seahorse piñata were featured on It’s a Pink Life by Francis from FHJ. Check out her beautiful Layla’s 6th birthday beach party. She has created adorable party decor and partnered with some creative companies (including me).


(pictures from Francis from FHJ). Visit the blog post below:


Counting down to my Big Day [Wedding]

I’mimg_2767 counting the days until my big day. My partner and I decide to have a destination wedding. And you know me, I love to work on a budget. So if I can make it myself than I will, and saves myself $$.

Wedding accessions: Fell in love with decorative flowers when I tried on wedding dresses that I had to created my own (left). I used one fabric rose, beads, gems, and feathers to create my flower.
Store price: $40-50, DIY: $4

Wedding Veil: with the help of MY Martha, aka my mom, we turned my something borrowed into my perfect wedding veil. My partner’s mother gave me a long plain veil and I glowed at the thought of finding my something borrowed. But it wasn’t what I was looking for…But after my visit with JoAnn’s Fabric Store I was hopeful. I picked up lace, fabric bead linen, small fabric flowers and adhesive fabric tape. Due to the holidays they had a 50% coupon off for sewing materials.
Store price: $100-250, DIY: $25

img_3223 img_3221 img_3208

Wimg_3194edding Heels: I’ve decided that creating short videos is probably the easiest way to explain the Do-It-Yourself process (video below). I got some plain white heels on amazon for $16.00  and I reused the beads from a wedding belt that cost $20. I’m sure you can find beads that are lot less, but I rather reuse than waste.
Store price: $50-150, DIY: $38





Bridal Shower Crafts

website_linkYay! One of my girl friends got married recently and she asked me to be her Maid of Honor so that explains my absences on here. I was honored but I had no clue where to start… So here are my steps and the crafts I created for the Bridal Shower:


My invitation process.

STEP 1: Invitations. 
First, I had to think about dates for the event ( I called the bride and her mother about this to make sure these girls can make it), then designed her paper invitations (watercolor and cutout paper), which helped me with picking the theme colors, and then I added a web page for the RSVP information. After printing, cutting, and putting the invitation together I realized I wrote the wrong date (OMG! panic) but luckily, it was an easy fix. I bought magnets with the correct date and with the same design as the invitation. Then created a circular stickers to cover up the old date on the invitations.

Credit Elana Grace Photography visit website, www.elanagrace.com

Credit Elana Grace Photography, visit http://www.elanagrace.com

STEP 2: Food. The Bride decided to ask her mother-in-law to assist her with making tamales for the bridal shower which took care of the main dish. I just made side dishes. NEXT STEP order the cake, right? Elizabeth, from Artisan Cake, gifted the Bride this (right picture taken by Elana Grace Photography) beautiful cake and I had no idea what she was making. I’ve only seen her amazing past work so I designed a simple cake topper that reads “Bride to Be” to make sure the cake topper didn’t distract from the cake.

Drinks. I decided on making a mimosa-bar since the Bridal Shower was during the morning I figured some champagne with juice would go nice with the tamales. I also made a champagne bottle piñata and cutout rings to give the mimosa bar some color.  Click here for how to create a piñatas. Don’t forget to label the food.

Credit Elana Grace Photography, visit www.elanagrace.com

Credit Elana Grace Photography, visit http://www.elanagrace.com

STEP 3: Games.
 What do you do at a Bridal Shower besides eat? We (bridal party) got together and came up with some good ideas. We decided on ring toss game, don’t say “wedding,” bingo, guess who past celebrity bride game and give advice cards. And I included prizes for the winner.

img_0001 img_0151 img_0149 _dsc0213

For the ring toss I spray painted bottles with the theme color. I created bingo cards, and printed out google images of past brides game.

Credit Elana Grace

STEP 4: Decide on decorations. Where to start. I ordered balloons and a bride-to-be slash, but everything else was made with paper. I cutout big flowers, paper tissue pom-poms, made and strung paper banners, and use tulle to cover the bridal chair (photo on the right shows the ceiling decorations I used).

STEP 5: Signage. I made couple signs to direct guest to table stations. Starting with a “Welcome to the Bridal Shower” guest book signing. Then printout signage that I framed and used chalk boards to add to the shower.

14900327_10154867814820116_6964599925070054663_n 14907576_10154867810445116_8324756452796503410_n 14947645_10154867816950116_900120160876312227_n

STEP 6: Gifts. As thank you gifts for the attendees,  I created small tags that went on the nail polish, lipgloss, mints, and succulents.

I did tape & spray paint the succulent cups to match the theme. The bride and I also went to Scrap (Portland Arts& Craft Reused Store) were I picked up wine corks to create this piece (photo below: taken by Elana Grace Photography) to add to the succulents gift.

14915570_10154867815765116_6568105515426141967_n 14925775_10154867812815116_4768639327098736616_n 14907014_10154867815895116_2527824762072342346_n

For the bridal party I hand screen-print t-shirt “team wifey” and “wifey” for the bride for the next event, bachelorette party. And the planning of this is a whole other post.

img_0144  14907594_10154867815340116_5667536397499218373_n

Thank you for Reading:

For more pictures of the event click on my Flickr. I also posted pictures of her beautiful wedding.

Special THANK YOU to Elana Grace Photography for allowing me to use her pictures. She was the official Bridal Shower Photographer, visit her website for more of her beautiful work at www.elanagrace.com





Simple Wedding in West Linn

This weekend Max & I helped Debbie put together this beautiful wedding in West Linn, Willamette img_1104Park. Kristy, the bride, asked for a simple wedding with a theme of Teal & Gold. Her day started off with Oregon rain (side note: Oregon rain is when the clouds rain, stop, then rains again, with different precipitation types). Rain or shine the show went on. A beautiful quick ceremony with 5 hours of setting-up time and an hour to break it down.

What we used: 
1) Debbie did an amazing job, she created these giant paper flowers (on the right), paper heart streamers, paper banners, and all of the paper goods you see in the pictures.  Giant Paper flowers are available on Etsy to purchase.
2) Kristy spray painted tin-cans, used gold glitter on the flower vases, insert pictures on frames for her centerpiece. Simple and stunning idea!
3) Debbie wrote lyrics on the white butcher paper for the Bride & Groom to walk up to. Like the red carpet.
4) We also hung paper lanterns from the ceiling of the gazebo with white tulle hanging down.
For more pictures go to flickr.


Happy 30th Birthday Ben

img_0501This Friday we threw Ben a birthday party before he headed off to Disney World with his girlfriend. I was so busy that I forgot to take pictures of the process.

AND I had couple of bumps along the way… As you can see (picture on the left) the cake was made for a 3rd and not 30th bday party. Things happen and you just have to make it work. Happy 30th Birthday, Ben. I hope you had fun and thank you, everyone who attended.
How Party Decorations were made (pictures below of decorations):
–> I made couple of banners with recycled calendars. Cut the calendar in a triangle shape and punch two whole on the top edges to hang.
–> Added ears on the black paper plates. Two black circles and hot glue on each side. 
–> Made “30” paper cutouts to hang around the gazebo with my cutter.
–> Made a cake topper for Ben with my cutter.
–> Made decorative jars. I used a jar, black paper cutout to go inside, and glow stick.