Simple Wedding in West Linn

This weekend Max & I helped Debbie put together this beautiful wedding in West Linn, Willamette img_1104Park. Kristy, the bride, asked for a simple wedding with a theme of Teal & Gold. Her day started off with Oregon rain (side note: Oregon rain is when the clouds rain, stop, then rains again, with different precipitation types). Rain or shine the show went on. A beautiful quick ceremony with 5 hours of setting-up time and an hour to break it down.

What we used: 
1) Debbie did an amazing job, she created these giant paper flowers (on the right), paper heart streamers, paper banners, and all of the paper goods you see in the pictures.  Giant Paper flowers are available on Etsy to purchase.
2) Kristy spray painted tin-cans, used gold glitter on the flower vases, insert pictures on frames for her centerpiece. Simple and stunning idea!
3) Debbie wrote lyrics on the white butcher paper for the Bride & Groom to walk up to. Like the red carpet.
4) We also hung paper lanterns from the ceiling of the gazebo with white tulle hanging down.
For more pictures go to flickr.


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