Happy Fourth of July

img_9293Fourth of July in a box… Independence Day is one of Max’s favorite holiday, and trying to ship a care package was a little more challenging since I couldn’t ship fireworks. There are many great substitution for kids and not much for adults. I needed to create a BIG SPARK…

Made Confetti Poppers: I used tissue paper, confetti star cutouts, a balloon, and cardboard to create a tube. After creating a tube (cardboard & tape), add a balloon on one of the tube opening. Tape the balloon or glue so it doesn’t come off when pulling it. Add confetti paper inside and seal with tissue paper (image below). Make sure you make a cut on the side of the tissue paper ( not on the balloon) so the confetti paper can come out.

img_9287 img_9273 img_9290

Also made mini star pinatas to go in the box. Fill them with candy and/or surprise toys. These make the perfect party decorations. I added some glow sticks, caramel popcorn, and other fourth of July funsies to ship to the North Pole.

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