MegaMan Party

DSC_0009My nephew turn 10 this year and he requested a Megaman party. I still remember this little boy had a pig party, couple years back, and now we are doing video game characters. AND the next thing you know he wont want a birthday party- he’ll out grow that too. But for now we continue the birthday party at home and included his stuff-animals as part of the party.

1) I created Megaman & Megaman Zero helmets as party hats (available to print: RED, BLUE), by photoshop-ing out the characters faces.  Then creating two holes for on each side of the hat. Push the ribbon through each hole and tie a knot to hold it.

2) Baggie Suffers: cutout megaman coloring pages by outlining Megaman silhouette (don’t forget to add crayons), healthy snacks, toys, and bubbles. I stuff the items into a small lunch bag for the kids.

3) Custom cake/cupcake toppers: I used the Megaman character’s logo to create the cake topper. I added more wording to make it more personal. Then I cutout little red and blue helmets for the cupcakes. And with the extra paper material I created star confetti to decorate the table.

I added little details of the Megaman character around the birthday party. More pictures below:

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