A Celebration of Love

The last day in February, thankfully it’s a leap year, add an extra day to the end of February every four years, which happens to be today. This morning, I got a great reminder of love, “ Thank you for leaping with me on this leap year,” which got me reading about Leap Year.  I read that traditionally women are allowed to propose to their “fella” on leap year and that’s because the opportunity won’t happen again for another four years. Funny, Max mentioned that he read that guys are encourage to propose on leap day because of the same reason – you only have to celebrate it every 4 years. The short explanation that I got is lunisolar calendar.

After that fun face, I decided I would share my celebration of love:

IMG_5447   IMG_5410

    • For Valentines, I got a lovely handmade card from my love ones (Max & Jax). Max included our puppy Jax to show that our love is limitless with a map as the background. We celebrated with a nice dinner & cake (picture above)
    • On craft night we made valentines cards, but I couldn’t decide what to do, so I made couple of cards with Avocado Art Clear Stamps, washi tape, sticker hearts, and some ribbons. Then decided to stick with the animal cutouts as the card and use some of the stamps to create the jar.
    • After I was done with cutting 20 animals, 20 jars, 20 hearts, I put them in a basket to work and shared them at my meeting. The staff were so in love with my cards that they took more than one (after the meeting) which I had to go home and make some more to mail. Note to self: add names to the cards next time.

  Card 1   Card 2

To make the huggable cards, just make sure your animal has long arms in order to fold across. I added a upside-down heart as their tummy. I used Avocado Art Jar stamp to create the jar then I taped the sides to create a pocket. Added a chocolate or pencil through the jar.


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