Miss Little Carter (Baby Shower)

DSC_0387I was asked to help decorate the room for Natalie’s baby shower. I had a hard time to decorate when I didn’t know much of the details.
I had to be reminded that I’m a guest and NOT the event planner. I didn’t do a lot but added couple of my touches. Grandma went to get purple, yellow, and turquoise party decorations. AND I was under the impression that it was a PINK party since the invitations were pink & gray with elephants. 

>>>>> I created couple of frames and work stations for the guest.  A Guest Book with paper balloons and paper elephant cutouts. >>>>> You must have at any baby shower a: “Any Advice for the soon to be Mommy & Daddy” frame. These are great gifts for the soon to be parents to take home after. Everyone had great advice to give them and were not shy to share. >>>>> I also framed her baby ultrasound photos for her.

DSC_0452  DSC_0401 DSC_0426  DSC_0362
I made couple of Diaper Gifts for Natalie: I used Sweetaprils.com tutorial to make the diaper bike. And I used the roll up diapers to make little wrapped up little babies diapers. I used socks to wrap the roll up diapers. The diaper cake was a misunderstanding. We all thought that grandma was going to make one, but she didn’t have the time. Luckily, I had extra materials with me to make a quick diaper cake. Then added the cake topper.

DSC_0386 DSC_0455 DSC_0448

Other little stuff I made for the party:
I also made “Oh Baby” Banner, Paper Cake Topper, Chalk Art board, paper building box, tissue paper decoration, and some straws in a cup decorations.

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