Happy 29th Birthday Surprise Gift!


(In my car: tying pic to balloons)

It’s pretty hard to throw a surprise gift to your partner, who lives with you. Surprisingly it worked out. I picked up balloons the day before and left them in my trunk (tinted windows) and I added the Instagram pictures in my car.

I printed out a sheet of Instagram photos by taking a screenshot from Instagram so I can have all the comments that were posted on them. I also added a personal message of the memory on the right bottom side of the photo. You can add this message on the [comment] in Instagram or handwritten in front or back of the picture. Then I punched a hole in the corner which made it easier to attach the balloons in the car.

Left them over night in the trunk of the car. I had to make excuses to get out of bed, “using the restroom,” “need water” & “letting the dog out.” Even though Jax, the dog, wasn’t moving nor making a sound, I picked her up to let her out so I can grab the balloons at 2 in the morning. Back inside, I had left sticky notes & paper in my night retainer-case to make it easy for me. It was 6am, oh no!, I fell asleep, I stuck notes around the house, hung banners, left birthday cards around, etc. Max only asked for a birthday card for his birthday. So I made one, You are my Stud Muffin:

But I also had other cards around. Simple handwritten cards, printed cards, and handwritten banners. The banners were really easy to make (cardstock, sharpie, and string). I folded the paper in half, vertical way, and cut 5 strips. To get the banner shape: you cut a triangle shape from the bottom>> not the folded side.  I used a sharpie to draw the letters and dots. Then I unfold the paper, one hot glue dot inside per strip, and add the string.  Jax & I wrapped birthday gift boxes in our roommates room so Max wouldn’t notice.

Then the plan was set to go. Max was up at 6:30am, but I had no energy to get up since I’ve been up trying to sneak around. He was so pleased he came back shortly trying to paste & pull apart my late night adventure. Happy Birthday Max!

After we opened gifts, Jax layed-out birthday notes for Max. In this video you will see Jax setting up the notes then we waited for Max. Max tries to give the note to Jax, but she pushes the note back to him with her nose. CUTENESS!


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