Holiday (Dog) Stocking, Jars Stuffers & More

This year is Jax first holiday celebration so I wanted to make sure she enjoys everything about this wonderful time of the year. I made Jax her own stocking with a reused paper bag. I made the layout with a sharpie, cut the outline, glue the sides, and even added the handles back on. Remember to recycle your decorative paper >> creative ideas to come about reusing decorative paper.

Last year, I used jars for stocking stuffers, but this year I wanted to add a little more so instead of a normal size jar I used some Ikea jars (for only $3.49 for three) to make sure they fit in the stockings. This year I hot-glued mistletoe inside the jars with snow (plastic confetti)  then added chocolate kisses inside. I also decorated the jar with a red bow and tied a cookie cutter to each of them.

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I made clay bunnies ornaments this year. I used a cookie cutter to create the bunnies then bake them for couple of minutes. I accidentally baked them a little too long so they turned chocolatey brown which worked for me. It gave the bunnies a little more of color…then I decided to paint them white and added some snow-tex (fake snow paint) from Deco Art. Set to dry and done. I hung them around the room.



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