Happy Holidays Crafts

Happy Holidays, at Santa workshop, my little creative space, we have red ribbons, white cardstock paper, and wrapping papers flying all over the room. This year, both, Debbie and I got together to create some DIY crafts: “Seed Bombs” and decorative rocks. Our holiday gift this year is a piece of Mother-nature to everyone.

  • You can find many instructions on how to do Seed-bombs online: clay, water, seeds, compost, and some sort of container/bag.
  • Flat rocks and markers!

    And at home, our family has extended so I needed to create this holiday into a comfortable and homey place to celebrate Chanukah (Hanukkah) and Christmas.

  • Created stars with wooden sticks, and paper leafs, some glue & string.
  • white paper decorations (pictures above). This years color is white and nature.
  • and cutout letters out of burlap.

    More holiday blog post to come. Have a good and merry holiday.



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