Surprise Farm Party

Oh! What a surprise. My twin sister, Mauryn, thought about throwing Cliff a surprise party.  Of course, we all love the idea to throw the party for a great friend, but no one wants to do the work. Mostly to someone who has tons of friends from all over the world and how would we get a hold of them.  Mauryn had the bright idea at Pickathon to asked Darka & Mari for advice. We got “ask the farm,” “not that day,” “live music,” “we will play,” etc. Mauryn and I had to change the date & location couple of times, which got confusing for our guests. Then I told Mauryn, “WE CAN’T PLEASE EVERYONE.” I invite 228 Facebook friends twice because we didn’t know how else to get of hold of his friends. I felt bad sending out multiple FB message to people I didn’t know, but I did make evites which made the process easier.

I had my helper, Max, help me make a stage for “live music.” I chalked a chalkboard that read “stage.” Used recycled jars for lights. I drilled wholes on the jar lids and added Ikea lights (for $3 set of 2). Painted a window. Painted a chalkboard for guest messages. Made road signs. We hung lights up and cleaned up the yard. And while my helper made pies in the kitchen and I covered lollipops with yellow tissue to create little chicks.

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The Farm Friends theme was created because our first location was going to be at the farm. But since the location changed I decided to create cardboard farm friends so we can carry out the theme. Max decided to contribute with the crafting by buying a cardboard cow (very noticeable! Rear view of a cow).

Cliff was SURPRISED so it was all worth it. We had 13 (may or maybe come with their +1) people RSVP on Facebook and that’s what I planned for. Great turnout. Happy Birthday, dear friend and Jazzy’s Creation follower. I appreciate all you do for me, my sisters, and friends. AND a big thank you to everyone who made time to stop by.

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2 thoughts on “Surprise Farm Party

  1. Wow–I was truly surprised–a feat in itself (sneaky Mauryn). I can’t say enough about all the details (and the big ones–a stage, chalkboard, etc.) that you paid attention to made the experience so enjoyable. Max killed on pies–nice work young man! Thanks so much for everything–especially all the smiling happy faces!! Lovely evening . . .

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