One of a Kind Handmade Wedding

Debbie’s niece got married this weekend. She had a vintage theme with a hint of hunting and fishing (what the couple enjoy doing together). Debbie asked me to help out with some frames & windows. While she handmade & crafted all the flowers, jars, boutonnieres, lace banners, and other crafts (with help of the Bride & Groom). While all I did was the stationery (paper) design & prints.

What I did:
1) “Caught My Bestfriend” paper cutout to match the theme.
2) I used chalk & chalk pens to make a Welcome Sign, Pick a seat, and Not your Device board.
3) Designed the vinyl for the windows and topped them off with white glass paint: PhotoBooth window, Our Love Story, and Dessert window.

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4) The invitations are inspired by a layout on Pinterest, but I changed the design, the art work, and the font/type to match the Bride’s theme.  Debbie created these beautiful envelopes out of burlap with lace and hand-drawn labels for the invitation which made them very unique.

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5) I couldn’t help it but to add some paper decoration to the Dessert Table. I made the straw jars, the take home baggy jars, and the little initial labels on the cupcakes.  I wanted to carry the design throughout the whole venue.

Overall the venue looked amazing with Debbie’s handcraft items all around. Debbie did an amazing job. Those flowers are priceless (sorta, minus supplies). And the layout was outlined perfectly-everything came together. I was placing vintage decor around the venue while Debbie was pinning, gluing, and directing everyone (including me). She really kept it together. hehe. ❤

More Pictures available on Flickr.


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