Comes from the HEART Party

IMG_8033Recently, we had a small surprise party for a friend, Shulie, in our backyard. We decided on Wednesday night to throw a kosher BBQ party on Monday, due to religious rules.

Theme:  “One love, one heart, let’s get together and feel alright,” is the motto we should all follow. Plus, Shulie really likes Bobby.

Made decorations: We cleaned up the backyard, put up a tent, make/paint a table, and put some of my vintage furniture outside (take a look at Jazzy’s Vintage for more), hung a window on the Maple tree. Then I reused and painted bottles to us as props, flower vases, or aesthetic purposes. I made a stage with cardboard musicians as the backdrop and painted Red Hot Chili Peppers logo all over the stage and ground (her favorite band). I also found time to make paper hamsa (3 different designs) to use as a banner and flower decorations. Oh yeah, and I made 2 heart pinatas to go with the theme.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

More pictures of the party: flickr



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