Chalkboard Globe//Travel

Chalk Globe with airplanesEveryone has been re-purposing these chalk globes and I’ve been wanting one. The only problem is that people want more than what they are worth. I remember these globes and how cool they were when I was a child. I’m glad that they are cool again but give me a break on the price. FINALLY, I found a globe at a Thrift Shop wasn’t put together so the “broken” globe was available for $7.99.

First, I looked it up. How to make a chalkboard globe and many creative variations came up.

Here are my steps:
1) Sand to smooth the surface or keep the bumps

IMG_6952 IMG_6954
2) Paint the ocean. I used Rich Black from
Classic Home Chalk Distressing Paint.

3) Outline the continents for accuracy.
I used a white chalk pen for fine details.

4) Paint continents black.
Then take base apart & paint the base with whatever color you’ll like. I used gold glitter because everyone else is using it. Plus it will look good with foil cards.

For more re-purpose item visit the vintage blog.


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