DIY Backdrop

Creating a simple backdrop:

1. Build a PVC backdrop stand and with two heavy duty clamps to hold a backdrop. You will need: (3) 10-foot lengths of 1-inch, (2) 90-degree, slip-in elbows, (8) T-Shape slip-in connectors and (8) Slip-in end caps (make sure you get the right size).  Take a look at Dandelions on the Wall blog they have great directions on how to build it. You an always downsize and not make your PVC backdrop so big.

2. DIY backdrop, get creative and build your own colorful layout. I used cardstock paper, but you can use anything. For example: plastic tablecloths, dollies, book paper, fabric, balloons & streamers, pattern wrapping paper, etc. Like you can see on the pictures below I hung strings on the PVC Pipe backdrop to hot glue my paper bunnies and triangles.


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