Hop Hop Bunny (DIY Projects)

I created paper bunnies and chicken wire frame for the Vintage space. I had so much fun that I have to share:

Paper bunnies were very easy to make. I used the image below. 1) Print out the image. 2) Cut out the bunny (template).  I used different colors of cardstock paper to create the bunnies 3) then I added a cotton ball as the tail. That was it.

Chicken wire frame was something different for me, but everyone is doing it. So I had to try it. 1) I had these wooden frames stored in my basement, but you could use anything as your base. 2) I purchased “chicken wire” at Homedepot. They have different sizes and different wire designs. If you are in luck, you can find the perfect size of your frame at the store, if not, just trim away with wire-cutters. 3) I used a staple gun to staple the chicken wire along the back of the frame. I had to be very careful I didn’t get to close to the edge. 4) Afterwards, I trimmed the edges with wire cutters so the wire wasn’t sticking out.

I used it to display my bunnies.



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