Yellow House Card

Card Folds

My holiday card this year was the yellow house we live in. We moved this year and have been busyGlue GLue making some changes. I wanted to create a warm and welcoming card. I made many drafts before I ended up with what I wanted. There is 22 cut-out pieces we (I say we ’cause my Elf helped me) cut & glued on. Then I added glitter snow dots, and white snow with 3D fabric paint on the roof and chimney.  I used cardstock to make all these cut out pieces besides the heart (on top of the card) is made of Classic Christmas double-sided paper and the words on the bottom of the card came from Echo Park Paper Co, Noel #PFDS2003.

Make it SnowI used Martha Steward Edge Snowflake Punch to add more of a pop-up effect. Then cutout red pants and black boots for the Santa on the chimney. Snow on the roof

I figured that not everyone knew we moved so I added a photo of us in front of the yellow house. Tied red and turquoise ribbon around the card to give the card the feeling of opening a gift. I love the feeling of “what’s inside?”  the anxiety of not knowing and wanting to know.



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