Super HERO Party

Center PieceMy friend asked me to assist her with decorating for a barmitzvah for 200 people.

I decided I would use these jars that Debbie had painted in bright superhero colors (yellow, green, red and blue) for the center piece of the table. Then I added a glow stick with paper confetti for the day & night look. Glue decorative straws to the felt fabric mask to hold the mask up. Then I blew up some balloons, tie ribbon to these long skinny sticks so it would stand for two whole days. Oh yeah, and then the superhero card which could be replace with a picture.

I got all my materials at Micheal’s Craft Store for $80. I thought that was reasonable for a big space that hold 200 people. I’m sorry, I don’t have an overall picture of the space or how everything turned out. I was running around putting everything together. Maybe next time.

I got all these great ideas from pinterest. Of course, I changed them a little to make them my own 😉


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