Nautical Office Room

Geez, We’ve been so busy with work, projects, and just life it’s self that we’ve been trying to stay on top of blogging (obviously, not as successful as we would like). Debbie and I are starting to meet up again to craft and create DIY projects. We have a baby-shower, weddings, birthdays and other family events to share. OH! and the holidays are around the corner. I know it’s too soon to be talking about Christmas, but Crafters you know that it sneaks-up behind you.

So I’ve been painting, scrapping paper off the walls, plastering.. etc. at our new place that I have forgotten to share. I’ve had lots of help but I got one room (almost) done and I’m at the designing part of it, FUN! Gpa and I made 2 custom frames to fit Max’s charts. I will have to post a video on how Gpa made the frames instead of me trying to explain all the steps. I will post the video when I get the edits done. 🙂


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