Cupcake Piñata

IMG_1832Today is my friend’s birthday. I asked her what I could do to help her and she mentioned wanting a piñata yesterday. I had one whole day to come up with something so I started making a paper-mâché star, but my balloon popped mid-day (not enough time to dry). Then I headed out to Debbie’s and had to make one with limited supplies since it was already 9pm. Here is how to make a piñata in no time with limited supplies.

I used:
poster-board paper
scrapbook light paper

I glued poster-board paper together to make the layout. The poster-board wasn’t long enough so I had to glue parts together.  If you have cardboard –use that!  Thank you, Debbie for allowing me to use your supplies. The dogs were great (I was dog-sitting). I didn’t think the piñata was going to hold, but it did well, even the BIG kids got a chance to hit the piñata. The 10 hours of making the piñata was worth it.


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