Happy Birthday 2 You

IMG_0621I believe that JULY is the official birthday month.  I have been up making cupcake birthday cards for my friends. I needed to make them gender-neutral to fit multiple personalities. I started off with drawing sketches (B&W picture) of cupcakes. Then I cut-out bright colorful paper added some glitter around the frosting with stamped ‘Happy Birthday’ on the inside or outside, embossed pattern, cutout paper sprinkles, stamped candles, so when read ‘blow me… out (out on the inside of the card).” Simple and easy. Happy Birthday Everyone:

Happy Birthday lil-man, Miles.
Happy Birthday Joe, July 15th.
Happy Birthday Ema, July 17th.
Happy Birthday Marilyn & Mauryn (my twin sister), July 19th.
Happy Birthday Jered, July 21st.
Happy Birthday Ron, July 26th.
Happy Birthday Deja, July 30th.


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