Puzzle Bday Card

Pieces by pieces. LOOK WHAT I GOT— it’s the idea that counts, right?  I’m so excited! I’m counting the days ’til my 25th birthday, haha. He made me a cardstock envelope with lots of random shapes, scissored cut lines, and different pen inks. His logic was to make it hard for me to last ’til my birthday on the 19th. Couple minutes later the puzzle was completed & I read every piece. They made me smile. Yeah, some of the pieces don’t align as well. But I had so much fun putting it together. I hate to admit it’s one of the best birthday day cards ever!!!!!!! (and I didn’t make it). Great surprise. -xoxo


5 thoughts on “Puzzle Bday Card

  1. That is totally cool–Max is showing his creative as well as thoughtful side! I just think he underestimated your determination (to get the puzzle together)–ha ha

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