It’s a Jungle out there!!

Babies are coming faster than I can keep up!!  The minute the Christmas cards were finished it was time to make baby shower invites for my daughter’s best friend and what a great little shower her sisters and friend put on!! Bethany LOVES giraffes and so it was decided the shower should be a jungle / safari theme which meant elephants, tigers, monkeys and of course, giraffes!  I had in my head that I wanted to do a play on numbers with One (boy) giraffe plus One (girl) giraffe = Three (dad, mom & baby)!  This card was completely hand drawn, cut and pieced with 2 adult giraffes on the front and when the card opened a baby giraffe in a tiny felt diaper met the viewer along with the request for their attendance.  It’s extremely relaxing for me to sit in the evening and cut out little pieces that make up these cards.  I made 35 of the shower invitations and 35 decorated envelopes to go along with them … Bethany’s friends and family enjoyed them a great deal.

AND THEN … unbeknownst to all of us … our hostess, Leilani, put her talents to work and made giant jungle animals for the shower as well!!  A huge elephant met us on the road, a monkey and lion lined the path and life size giraffe was tucked into the front room!  They were amazing and everyone loved the work that Leilani put into them!  My wall of onesies were once again ad hit and the little felt animals I hand stitched to go along with the theme were the perfect accent.  I LOVE when everything turns out the way we imagined!!


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