My New Project

IMG_7290On my way to the beach, I met someone very interesting. A man who has lots of wisdom and reminded me of how “we” as people have grown to rely on technology and have no patience. “Grandpa” is a very crafty person who makes lots of magnificent things, from wooden frames, box-games, jewelry, and OH THESE BEAUTIFUL BASKETS.

I took it upon myself to ask & learn his technique to make one of my own. You can find his work in Marilyn’s Gallery (not mine) in Stevenson, Washington.

Other people use black walnut for the bottom center piece, but Grandpa makes the bottom out of oyster shells or other unique flat surface. Then he makes wholes around the object so we can thread the pine needles together.  I don’t even know where to start to describe ‘How to Weave a Pine Needle Basket.’

There are several steps like preparing needles, adding the thread, adding more needles, then forming the side walls of the pine needle basket. Oh it’s a process, but Grandpa has found easier ways to speed up the process. I’m not there yet, but he can make one in couple of hours (It’s taken me weeks just to get started). He’s a great teacher and he comes with lots of great stories. It’s probably easier if you just ask him at the gallery… But I’m excited to show you my new basket! basket2

Stay tuned. I’m almost done!



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