Belated Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!!  Very late indeed!

Between chasing my 4 month old Boxer puppy, designing and getting supplies for 150 handmade Christmas cards, work and daily life … I’ve lost track of time!  A HUGE surprise to me … I seem to have gotten my card making mojo back and in the past week I’ve designed and made 4 cards, 20 Halloween cards, decorated my front porch for fall (which hasn’t been done since I moved to this house 8 years ago) and gotten some handmade Christmas presents in mind.  It’s a big thing for me as I had kind of lost the heart to make cards for a while.  I think it came from my hobby becoming a “job” for a while and I lost the desire to make new things…BUT it seems to be back and in a big way too!!  So I put together a bunch of wickedly cute Halloween cards for friends and family and I want to share one with you even though it’s much too late.  Inside the card there was a tag that said … “it appears the witch is back in town”.   Everyone enjoyed them which is all that matters.   I also want to show you one of the most incredible peacock costumes you will ever see.  My friend, Pearlene, who is also a nurse at my Rehabilitation Center, made the costume herself for our annual community party.  I had thought I was going to make a peacock costume as well but ended up doing something much simpler this year…. the first time in a many.  Had we only talked to one another about our ideas we could have been a “pair of peacocks”!!  We’ve decided next year we plan together – us two crafty women!  Enjoy the photos and watch out!  There are some very crafty adventures ahead.


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