Amanda & Baby Adalynn’s Shower

PhotoBoothWhat a fantastic baby shower we had for Amanda! If you saw my previous post on the Gender Reveal Party … you know that Amanda is part of my family (too confusing to explain so let’s just say she is like my daughter), and she is having a baby near or around Halloween. Her friends asked if I would do a Photo Booth at her baby shower and I jumped at the change to be a part of the shower as well as create something fun for Amanda’s baby scrapbook. With Marilyn and Mauryn’s help, we made beautiful pink and orange flowers in different shapes and sizes that would be used to decorate an old antique gate I recently picked up at an antique store. I have plans for the gate but haven’t gotten to them yet … No surprise! I made 2 tutus for the guests to dress up in as well as crowns, septers, a pink boa, and 2 little chalkboards where they could write notes to the baby. We stacked a couple antique suitcases up and arranged the dress up items in the open suitcase then hung a matching “tutu banner” with baby Adalynn’s name spelled out in white wooden letters. It couldn’t have turned out better!! The hostesses loved it, the guests had a great time taking photos with Amanda and most of all … Amanda really had a great time with it!! I was sad to take it all down at the end of the day but it went home with Amanda to help in decorating the baby’s room so nothing went to waste!


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