Happy Happy Birthday!!!

YIR 2013...M&M BDAY2

YIR 2013...M&M BDAY1This weekend was Marilyn’s birthday which means it was also her twin sister, Mauryn’s birthday as well!  They had quite a full weekend with a Friday night celebration with friends and then on Saturday we took them out to dinner at Multnomah Falls.  Ron and I consider these girls part of our family and always enjoy our time with them so a whole evening together was a treat and having beautiful weather for a visit to the falls was a plus.

Here’s toasting you both for many many more Happy Birthdays together!!!

Crisdam designs digital kit – Spring Dream & armina designs Simple & Clean 4 Template Set.


One thought on “Happy Happy Birthday!!!

  1. Thank you, great day. I had so much fun!! Great Idea, Ron (and Happy Early Birthday!)
    I really enjoyed all the little gifts. It made me feel young again (very practical gifts too). The unwrapping was my favorite part (the surprise factor) because the gifts kept coming and very creative… You guys made my wish come true!!

    I love your pages, Debbie. I can see you’re starting to use more effects (shadow box around the images). Great pictures! Beautiful Moment. Best way to turn (cough) 25ish..
    Love you Deb&Ron!

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