Gender Reveal PARTY!!!

Whew!  What a crazy few months this has been for Marilyn & I both!  Today is the first weekend day in 6 weeks that I’ve been home to even think about doing something for me … or you! 🙂  As Marilyn told you in her last post … I’ve been to Dubai for the birth of my friend Haseena’s little girl, home a week & a half then off on a road trip with my husband and mother-in-law to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Yellowstone and then back thru Yakima, Washington for the Antique Historical Society Truck Show and then was immediately very busy with making decorations for a bridal shower and lastly … a Gender Reveal Party!!!  It’s been quite the whirlwind of a start to the summer and now I sit here with more than 6500 photos to scrapbook so it’s time to get busy!

It's a Girl!This weekend I was lucky enough to be a part of my first “Gender Reveal” party for my friend Amanda who is my kids’ first cousin.  Amanda is a planner and very organized so she knew exactly what she wanted to do for her party.  We met a few weeks ago and planned out the details then I got busy on the paper decorations which is my specialty.  I made various sized paper medallions with colors and design to match the invitations that Amanda had produced.  I hand drew and cut out mustaches for the “He” medallions and tied pink ribbon into bows for the “She” pieces.  I purchased glass mugs that I was going to paint but when I started working on them I realized it wasn’t going to be a practical method so I made more creased paper and wrapped the mugs with paper then added hand cut wording of “he” and “she”.   Amanda made arrangements with a local bakery to make a cake that would have either pink or blue frosting in the center.  She would drop off the gender information right after her 20 week ultrasound which she had on Thursday.  The technician had printed the sex of the baby on the ultrasound photo and sealed it in an envelope for Amanda to drop off.  Family and friends gathered at Amanda and Willy’s house yesterday where we had a BBQ and everyone patiently waited for the big moment when the couple would cut into the cake and reveal to themselves as well as all of us, if we will be welcoming a little girl or boy in October.  It was great fun and so exciting for us all!!  And now we know that there’s going to be a little girl for the Mulders!!

This was so much fun and I really enjoyed putting the paper decorations together.  I’m looking forward to the baby shower now … what can we come up with for that?!?!

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4 thoughts on “Gender Reveal PARTY!!!

    • Thank you!!! It was a lot of fun for everyone… not just the new parents. I love making paper creations for any kind of party … thus so little posting some times. Too much crafting! Thank you again!

      • I love decorating for parties, too. I also loved the way you had the slide show set up on your blog. I’m going to have to figure out how to do that It’s very cool!

  1. Thank you. For the slide-show you insert your media and on the left there’s a tab “Create Gallery.” Select pictures & change options on the right. Done, you have a slide-show.

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