Learning a New Techniques

Monday craft night found us trying to make something new last night.  In May, we are having a 100 year old birthday party for one of the ladies who lives in my Nursing/Assisted Living Facility.  One of our nurses is a wonderful cake and cupcake maker/decorator and so we asked if she would do the honour of making cupcakes for the party and I volunteered to help her in any way possible.  Marilyn and I’s first task … making little gum paste cameos to go on top of the cupcakes.  It is my first time working with gum paste and so I figured it would be trial and error but we did pretty well for novices!!  Pearlene, my nurse friend, had already hand made a mold using fimo clay and an antique broach her mother had given her years ago.  She rolled out the clay, pushed the broach into it – twice – and then baked the clay.  It made a perfect mold for little cameos with hearts on them and lacy edges.

Gum Paste comes in a can … of sorts.  Made by Wilton, you just add water and mix, knead, let it set, knead some more and add in some powdered sugar.  Then working with a little shortening on your fingers and some powdered sugar on the mold, you press the gum paste into the mold and then carefully pull it out.  We made a few errors, remade a few and came up with a technique until we had made 90 of the little cameos.  We would have kept going except we ran out of gum paste!!  Marilyn was much better at making nice thin, perfect cameos … mine were a little heavy but toward the end I got a bit better.  Look at my cute assistant decorator … she matches head to toe!

Next we will be making a few more cameos, tiny flowers and then fondant pearls and cupcake tops!  I know you will be waiting on the edge of your seat : )  -Debbie


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