My Happy Easter Addition

20130330_145944With both of us here to wish you a Happy Easter (mine a bit late in the day), you have two posts to read.  I too want to send blessings this day and always to family and friends.  I spent the day at the coast with my Husband, son and extended family.  It was an absolutely BEAUTIFUL day in Oregon … we couldn’t have asked for anything nicer.  I cherish every minute my 28 year old son chooses to spend with us as he normally has reasons that prevent him from spending too much time at family gatherings.  Today was the best gift … 2 hours each direction in the pickup to his grandparents to visit, catch up, talk about his new promotion and really enjoy time together.  There was excitement and celebration in a good job promotion won this past week and I was so proud as he laid out his plans and ideas for dealing with his new supervisory position.  This has been hard fought and a long time coming, and for reasons I won’t explain, it is something that was possibly a make it or break it point in my son’s life.   I don’t think a mother could ask for anything more than to see her child finally realize some content in their life and today I finally saw that.   Yesterday, Ron and I did a 25.5 mile bike ride along the mighty Columbia River that was wonderful and today our day of family … may your lives be as blessed as I feel tonight.

20130328_074557Here’s some bunnies to wish you a Happy Easter … my own design and hand cut : ), and me alongside the river, Mt. Hood in the background, showing off the fact that we rode 25 miles!

Blessings one and all … especially my dear friend Marilyn.  You make this all so much fun!



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