Wedding Gift

Frame: Ikea, Paper: Bazill cardstock,
Sizzix dies, Joann Fabric Lace & Ribbon, Lasting Impressions metal word, Making Memories metal corners and LOVE word, tatting by Debbie.

If you haven’t figured out by now … Marilyn is the creative genius behind this blog!  I just putz around and once in a while I’m able to get a post on here and then she fixes the photos and arranges things for me.  Thus tonight’s post.  I have promised myself (and Marilyn) … that I will get it together and post more including more of the craftiness that happens around my house now and then.  There are lots of older things to share with you and so I better get it going or I will never get everything posted in my lifetime!  For today … I want to show you a wedding gift that I made this past weekend for my daughter’s best friend.  Now mind you, this was taken with my cell phone and while it’s the highest of techiness… it’s hard to get a fantastic photo with it.  I promise to replace it soon … once I figure out this mess I have made with my photoshop and get my camera photos loaded.  Don’t look closely because you will see my reflection in the glass, but I thought it turned out so nice that I just had to post it.

It was rather a comedy of errors as I hadn’t put anything together when I left Portland and went to Tillamook for the wedding. This meant packing all the supplies I thought I was going to need and taking them with me…. cutting board, lace, scissors, tape, glue dots, etc. etc. With help from everyone sitting around at my parent’s house (including my funny guy cousin, Jordan)… I was able to get it together BUT I hadn’t done anything about printing their names on the background. I had wanted to put the date of the wedding AND their names, but without a good printer or cut out letters I was stuck. A trip to the local Fred Meyer (that’s only store in Tillamook that MIGHT have something I could use) and luckily we found the black alphabet stickers but … alas, no numbers! It would have looked silly with stickers for the names and handwritten date so in the end I just put their names. If Bethany wants to add the date in the future she need only take it apart and add. Didn’t it turn out nice? I filled a sea grass basket with some of the kitchen utensils off their wedding registry, some bright blue tissue paper and then laid the frame in the top with a small card. I hope Bethany and Jaime enjoy their little wedding art for many years to come!

Now … with that I’m off to bed for tonight and after Marilyn edits this post so that it looks pretty she will load it for you to see. 🙂 I told you … Marilyn does the hard stuff!


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