Oh Piggy

This is what I did this weekend… My brother sends me a text message on March 21st about having a birthday party for Leo this weekend (this weekend was tomorrow, 6 hour drive to my mothers who lives in eastern WA). The message reads, “for some weird reason he wants a pig cake. He even drew it (Leo’s draw picture below). And he said if nobody can find a pig cake than a super hero cake will do. I don’t know how you’re going to do it. But seems to me like you need to find a pig cake. You know it’s very limited over here.” And I was supposed to pick one up by tomorrow or make one. Hmm…

Leo's Drawing

That night, I quickly planned out the party and cut out some farm animals and taped it down on my cupcake platter just incase I couldn’t find a cake in time. I grabbed some brown paper bags and painted little pigs on them with Leo’s drawing/invitation for party favors. Then for some reason I thought I would be lucky and could just pick-up a cake with a pig on it. Finally decided to stop by Fred Meyers (my third stop) and ask around.  I believe I stopped by around 7pm and asked for a pig cake at the bakery department. I showed him the picture and he said, “I think we can do that.” Short notice, but Done. Thank you Fred Meyers! Next day on Friday, I volunteered all day then I picked up the cake and off we went to WA.

The party was on Saturday at 5pm. And that means nothing to a young boy turning 7. I thought we would start-off the day with some McD’s (Leo’s favorite). When I asked him, he said, “Can we wait?” Why. “I don’t want to miss my party.” I had a hard time telling him that we weren’t going to miss his party because it was at 5pm. His mom had to tell him that we weren’t going to start the party without him. And it was up to Tia’s to entertain him ‘til then. We went to the pet store (“I love this store,” he kept repeating), toy store (there for hours), and make-up store for us girls.

5pm came around and the party started… enjoy the pictures.


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