I <3 Cards

On Monday, we started working on new projects.  Debbie started making new wedding cards because she has been attending weddings throughout the year. I’m still working on Christmas gifts.

Debbie is so creative… She showed me some of her old cards (pictures below). I say this because she would make 20-50 cards and put them in a Card-Holder-Container and gift them as a package deal. Debbie made me one and I used it all the time.  I went through those cards so fast. I’m not going to lie, people did think I made those cards and I would take the credit (muha-ha). I got tried of saying, “Debbie made it.”  Every time I needed a birthday card or generic greeting card I knew I would find it in my box (card-holder). Thank Debbie, I loved the gift, maybe, just maybe, I will get another magical box on my birthday 😉


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